San Jose, California

The Capital of Silicon Valley

With a population of over 1 million people, San Jose is the largest city in Northern California. San Jose has many different neighborhoods, all with their own distinct character and feel. Because of this, the city can be daunting for newcomers who can’t find their way around, especially when dealing with navigating the multiple traffic-clogged freeways intersecting in the downtown area. However, once you orient yourself, exploring all that San Jose has to offer is fun! Among the most well-known neighborhoods are Downtown, Rose Garden, Naglee Park, Willow Glen, Evergreen, Santa Teresa, Alum Rock, Berryessa, Almaden Valley, Japantown, Santana Row, South San Jose, North San Jose, and West San Jose.

Architecturally, housing is varied and can look like anything from studio apartments in sleek downtown skyscrapers to historic Victorians in suburban neighborhoods. Additionally, the style of housing has been shaped by the environment as well. Older ranch-style homes are the most common due to the frequent earthquakes in the area and lack of modern structural technology to add additional floors. The farther you get from downtown, the more suburban the neighborhood’s character becomes – with larger yards, quieter streets, and strip malls.

San Jose is filled with arts, entertainment, cultural diversity, dining, shopping, and huge outdoor recreation areas like parks and hiking trails towards the mountain and foothill areas. There’s something for everyone here!

Education in San Jose

So many schools to choose from!

San Jose has one major school district, the San Jose Unified School District. However, there are 10 different city districts in San Jose, and school attendance is determined by the district in which you reside. Since each school district has a huge list of schools within the district and listing them all here would be completely overwhelming, further information on each district can be found on the school district’s website by clicking the links below. Here are the school districts headquartered within San Jose:

If you’re looking into finding the highest rated schools within the city, ratings for specific schools can be found on Schools rated from 1-3 are below average, 4-7 are average, and 8-10 are above average. GreatSchools strives to be an extremely accurate resource for parents, using data like student testing scores and academic progress to make their rating determinations. If there is a specific school you are interested in, we can help! Let us know about it and we can find a house on the market in the school enrollment area so that your child can attend the school.

Restaurants in San Jose

Wherever you are, you're bound to find good food!

Wherever you’ve settled within the neighborhoods of San Jose, you’re guaranteed to find delicious food.

Central San Jose has a variety of diverse cultural options within their neighborhoods of Little Italy, Little Saigon, Little Portugal, and Japantown.

North San Jose is mostly business-oriented, but there are still a few spots to have a great meal:

If you’re in Willow Glen area or South San Jose, check out these popular locations:

West San Jose and the Santana Row area is filled with both unique and fine dining restaurants:


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