Santa Clara, California

In the heart of Silicon Valley

The town of Santa Clara began as a Spanish Mission in the late 1700s and those roots are still honored today, with Mission College being named in honor of this history. Santa Clara is also home to the oldest operating institution of higher learning in the state of California, Santa Clara University. Today, the city has developed into a bustling high-tech hub home to companies like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD; but is also home to large entertainment venues, such as California’s Great America and Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Because the city developed earlier than many surrounding areas, its residential neighborhoods are older, and housing is slightly more affordable than other areas further west like Sunnyvale and Mountain View, or south like Campbell and Cupertino. This makes Santa Clara appealing to young families or those getting started buying their first home.

Education in Santa Clara

The Santa Clara Unified School District

The Santa Clara Unified School District is a highly rated district with many different schools to choose from. They control 16 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 4 high schools. To find out more about each school, click the links below to head to the school’s website.

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


To find out the top schools within the Santa Clara Unified District, head to and view the ratings for each school within the district. Schools rated from 1-3 are below average, 4-7 are average, and 8-10 are above average. GreatSchools strives to be an extremely accurate resource for parents, using data like student testing scores and academic progress to make their rating determinations. If there is a specific school you are interested in, we can help! Let us know about it and we can find a house on the market in the school enrollment area so that your child can attend the school.

Restaurants in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a sprawling town with no centralized downtown area. Depending on where you are in Santa Clara, you can always find unique places to eat.


In the Santa Clara University Area, try some of these popular spots:


Koreatown has some delicious specialized restaurants like:


In northern Santa Clara near Levi Stadium and California’s Great America, try:

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