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We are so happy to recommend Amanda if you are looking to buy (or sell) your house in the Bay Area. We have had an amazing experience with Amanda in our home buying process. We started working with Amanda in the spring of 2020 to start our home search, then the pandemic hit and we put our plans on hold. Amanda was super patient with us and when we got back into the market in the Spring of 21, she quickly brought us up to speed on the market, updated our search parameters and kept advising us on all the questions we had. No matter how many questions we had, she was super patient with us and explained in detail. We especially liked the fact that when she would come to visit houses with us, she would have very clear objective views about the property but made sure that she did not bias our decision with overtly strong opinions. Also, I appreciated the fact that she always followed up our visit immediately with more data on the neighborhood, the comparatives, and a rough idea of the interest in the property - so that we would know roughly where the bids would come in. She also helped and guided us well in the bidding process, helped us write personal notes to buyers, and kept us updated on data she was getting from the sellers' agents on the offers. Eventually, our search paid off and we closed on a house we liked. Amanda was super helpful throughout the closing process. She worked with the Title Company and the Sellers' Agent to make sure the documents, warranty, closing date and everything else was on track. But that was still not all ! Once you work with Amanda, she makes sure that she follows through till you are well settled in your new place. She helped us find a painter to paint the new place and negotiated the pricing with him. When we told her that we would appreciate some ideas on colors and designs, she made a custom booklet for us with painting ideas that she had collected based on all her experience showing and staging houses! She helped us find movers that were great. And, when we told her that we would like to have some custom closets and office space created in our new house, she immediately offered to find us contractors who would do custom work for us (and it was hard, because the project was not huge and no contractors wanted to spend time on projects that cost less than 20K these days in the Bay Area!). Amanda sent us a booklet with a collection of ideas for custom office spaces and after calling many design firms, she finally found a really good firm that she recommended to us. We have since gone ahead with that project with the firm she recommended and the experience was great. She is not your typical real estate agent. She goes over and beyond. She becomes your trusted advisor and a friend. We are so happy we chose Amanda to help us find a house. You will not find anybody better! Thank you, Amanda!! - Bala
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